How Does a Home Backup Generator Work?

A Generac home backup generator senses a power outage, turns on automatically, and delivers backup power to your home. It will run until utility power returns - whether that's two hours or two weeks.

1 Utility Power Is Lost

Perhaps it's a storm. Maybe it's an equipment failure. In any case, the electricity you depend on is suddenly gone.

2 Your Generac Generator Senses A Problem

Within seconds, your generator prepares to restore your home's power.

3 The Generator Turns On Automatically - Whether You’re Home Or Away

Within a few seconds, it is up to speed and generating electricity.

4 Your Electricity Is Restored

The automatic transfer switch sends generator power to your home. And it will continue until utility power returns.

Our Generac Home Backup Generators

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Tim Groh the owner of Boston Standby installed my generator just about one year ago today. I had asked for estimates from 2 other firms that install generators. Tim was the only person who came to the house went over every detail of the installation, performed all the pre-estimate inspection details and took careful notes. He also made excellent suggestions as to the circuits I should have and the size generator I would need. His estimate was detailed and was the most competitive of the 3 estimates. In addition his attention to detail and his professionalism made my wife and I comfortable. He set a date for installation and did an outstanding job. Installation was done on time. When finished there was not even a scrap of anything left that needed to be picked up. I have since recommended Tim Groh and Boston Standby to friends. I know of a friend who had an installation done by him and is extremely pleased. He since has done the necessary oil change and installed the replacement transfer switch. I would point out one other thing. I had a friend who is an electrician look at the whole situation before installation and he had a list of what he felt would be necessary connections, etc., etc. It was a long list. When Tim was finished with installation he had done every one of these suggestions without ever having seen the list. Al Whalen / Marshfield Ma.

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